HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan

HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan

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HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Overview

HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan is one of the most potential investment instruments available in Indian investment market. It provides the investors with a golden chance to invest their money and make it grow at a higher rate.

One of the major highlights of this HDFC ULIP plans is lower charges and its compatibility with mutual fund sector. As it is a unit linked plan, it has the potential to offer reasonable growth rate if the money is invested for a longer period of time. Overall, the investors are now able to enjoy both the insurance facility and good investment opportunity under one plan.

Note: The policyholders should stay participated till the completion of 5 years as it’s the standard lock-in period for a ULIP plan.

Eligibility Criteria

Entry Age

  • Min-30 days
  • Max-65 years

Maturity Age

  • Min-18 years
  • Max-75 years

Policy Term: 5 to 20 years

Minimum Premium Amount

  • Single- INR 24,00
  • Annual- INR 12,000
  • Bi Annual- INR 6,000
  • Quarterly- INR 3,000
  • Monthly- INR 1,000

Key features of HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan

  • The investors can avail tax exemptions under Section 10 (10D) and Sec 80C.
  • The plan offers 8 varieties of funds to invest.
  • There are negligible policy administration charges.
  • There are no allocation charges.

Amenities of HDFC Life Click 2 Invest Plan

Maturity Benefit

If any policyholder survives till the policy end, he or she will get the value of the fund as maturity benefit. For example, if any policyholder has bought 1000 units with a NAV value of Rs. 53.26 each, the value of the funds will stand at 1,000*53.26=Rs.53,260. There is also a withdrawal option of available after completing 5 years.

Death benefit

In case the policyholder dies during the tenure of the policy, the nominee will be given the following amenities.

  • Sum Assured
  • Fund value
  • 105% of the paid premiums

Other features

Complete/partial withdrawal

The policyholder will be able to make a complete or partial withdrawal after completion of 5 years of the policy.

Redirection of Premium

At any time, the policyholder is able to pay future premiums to purchase a unit from another fund of their choice. The policyholder is allowed to up to redirections of 4 free premiums in the 1st policy year.


The policyholders can transfer their accumulated fund to another fund of their choice at any point in time. They are allowed to access free switches in 1 policy year.

Premium Discontinuation

The discontinuation of premium can take place under 2 scenarios that are mentioned below:

If any of the policyholders fails to pay the premium before the completion of 5 policy years, the value of the fund will proceed to the discontinued policy fund. In such cases, the risk factor of the policyholder may not be high. During this period, the policyholder can earn a minimum interest rate of 4%. Apart from that, there would be a fund management charge of 0.5%. After the completion of 5 policy years, the remaining fund will be paid to the investor.

Halt on paying the premium on completion of 5 policy years– The policyholders will have the following options after completing grace period:

  • They can withdraw the money, which is followed by the closing of the policy.
  • The policyholders can convert their policy to paid-up option and continue with lowered sum assured.
  • Later on, they can revive the policy by paying the due premium and proceed with the plan. This process should be done by the policyholder within the 2 years of discontinuance.

Loan– There is not any loan available under this HDFC ULIP plan.

Grace Period- The policyholder will be able to gain 15 days of grace period by accessing monthly payment mode; while, for other payment options, it is 30 days.

Options of Fund in HDFC Life Click 2 Invest plan

The return would entirely depend on your choice of plans. So, it is advised to choose the fund by discussing with the financial planner. If you choose a low risk fund, the return will not be high. On the other hand, if you choose the 5 years investment, both the risk and return would be high. Let us have a look at the table of funds:

Name of the fund                      Composition of FundRating of the risk and return
 Government securities and fixed income securitiesCash deposits, money market instrumentsEquity 
Equity Plus0-20%0-20%80% to 100%Very high
Blue Chip0% to 20%80% to 100%Very high
Diversified Equity0 to 40%60 to 100%Very high
Balanced0% to 20%O to 60%40% to 80%Moderate to high
Opportunities0% to 20%80% to 100%Very high
Income80% to 1000%0% to 20%Moderate
Conservative40% to 100%0% to 60%Low
Bond40% to 100%0% to 60%moderate